10 Things to Do at Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Thailand

Khaosan?  Does it ring a bell?  Remember the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Di’Caprio of which is based on a book of the same title by Alex Garland.  That’s Khaosan.  It’s a short street in central Bangkok in the Banglamphu area about 1 km north of the Grand Palace famous as a haven for backpackers and as the center of night life in Bangkok.  Curiosity brought me and my friends there and true to its reputation, Khaosan indeed is teeming life of its own.  So based on a few hours that we were there, let me offer 10 things one can do in Khaosan.

1)  Get lost in the crowd.


2)  People watching (and probably make friends).  There’s a plethora of colors and personalities.


3)  Inspect souvenir shops.


4)  Eat and drink in a sidewalk cafe.


5)  Eat Pad Thai by the road.


6)  Drink Beer Chang by the road.


7)  Sample fresh fruits and veggies.


8)  Discover a quieter section of the stretch of the road.


9)  Discover ingenuity like this automobile cafe.


10)  Don’t forget to take a souvenir shot at this marker.


Enjoy Khaosan!


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