Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy


Ah-ah!  My niece was not frowning.  She was actually joyous, and a little bit ticklish, with her first encounter with this beautiful winged-creature.  Not that she did not see a butterfly in all her 17 years.  But born and reared in the city, she was only afforded a fleeting glimpse of the rare presence of this flighty insect.

Last May 2013, we were fortunate to visit the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in Bilar, Bohol, Philippines.  We were introduced to various species of butterflies and felt some of them.  I envied my niece’s reaction.  It seemed she can’t believe the butterflies landed at the side of her face, she had to shut out the world and just feel the moment.  Afterwards, she was a bit shy, wondrous, but joyous, that she reacted towards a butterfly that way at her age.

Go Girl!  We all have our moments.



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