Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


Well, yes, mine is not really showing a traditional window.  But I’m trying to showcase a glimpse of Lantau Island in Hong Kong as seen from inside the glass panel of the Ngong Ping cable car.  It was my first cable ride in June 2010, from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village.  As with any transportation, the cable car served as my window to this beautiful island in Hong Kong.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. love the fact that the photo was not a “traditional window” – and it added something quite original to the variety of posts on the theme this week. Also, I like the two different perspectives in each photo – and would love to take a ride in a cable car in that area someday….

    • Thanks. I was actually wondering how to categorize the cable car. Is it a window or a wall? I guess both. 😉 Nevertheless, I prefer the idea of it being a window as it serves my purpose in response to the photo challenge. And it was an exhilarating almost an hour ride, tummy-squeezing as we rode up & down those 8 cable stations. 😉

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