Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Here are some photos from my trip to Macau in 2010 answering to the photo challenge’s inside theme.

I’ve always dreamed of stepping on the Great Wall of China.  So when I saw an exquisite ivory miniature of it inside a glass case at Grand Lisboa, I felt like I’m halfway to that dream (haha! I was just trying to be optimistic).

ImageHere’s a closer view.

ImageMacau is famous for its casinos.  At the City of Dreams casinos, we were greeted by female-posing mermaids inside the wall aquarium at the entrance.

ImageAnd once you’re in Macau, never miss to visit its biggest casino, the Venetian Macau.  Inside out, I was awestruck with its opulence.  Got a taste of it even in its hallway.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

I’m interpreting abandoned here as being free from restraint, as abandoned inhibitions.  And I look up to children as inspiration for uninhibited behavior.  But the following pictures are not showcasing children at play.  Rather, these are pictures of me enjoying Hong Kong Disneyland like a child could one fine day in June 2010.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Better late than… whatever!  😉

I’m not strictly following the rule of three.  I just want to focus on one image, the Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand, taken at three different time intervals in July 2013.

It took a lot of patience waiting for hours to witness the magnificence of the lighted temple.