Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Better late than… whatever! ¬†ūüėČ

I’m not strictly following the rule of three. ¬†I just want to focus on one image, the Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand, taken at three different time intervals in July 2013.

It took a lot of patience waiting for hours to witness the magnificence of the lighted temple.

10 Things to Do at Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Thailand

Khaosan? ¬†Does it ring a bell? ¬†Remember the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Di’Caprio of which is based on a book of the same title by Alex Garland. ¬†That’s Khaosan. ¬†It’s a short street in central Bangkok in the Banglamphu area about 1 km north of the Grand Palace famous as a haven for backpackers and as the center of night life in Bangkok. ¬†Curiosity brought me and my friends there and true to its reputation, Khaosan indeed is teeming life of its own. ¬†So based on a few hours that we were there, let me offer 10 things one can do in Khaosan.

1)  Get lost in the crowd.


2) ¬†People watching (and probably make friends). ¬†There’s a plethora of colors and personalities.


3)  Inspect souvenir shops.


4)  Eat and drink in a sidewalk cafe.


5)  Eat Pad Thai by the road.


6)  Drink Beer Chang by the road.


7)  Sample fresh fruits and veggies.


8)  Discover a quieter section of the stretch of the road.


9)  Discover ingenuity like this automobile cafe.


10) ¬†Don’t forget to take a souvenir shot at this marker.


Enjoy Khaosan!

Guess Who’s My Date?


Guess who’s my date?

I was lucky to have my ‚ÄúJack‚ÄĚ touring me around Bangkok.¬† I felt more and more Rose-like by the minute.¬† Haha!¬† Dream on!

– at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand, July 18, 2013 –

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

then I met GRANDEUR…